Baha'i Teachings - Social principles and Covenant

Nov 2012
Universal auxiliary language. +++++++++++++++++++Could one get a definition of what this means?
"Bahá’u’lláh has proclaimed the adoption of a universal language. A language shall be agreed upon by which unity will be established in the world. Each person will require training in two languages: his native tongue and the universal auxiliary form of speech. This will facilitate intercommunication and dispel the misunderstandings which the barriers of language have occasioned in the world. All people worship the same God and are alike His servants. When they are able to communicate freely, they will associate in friendship and concord, entertain the greatest love and fellowship for each other, and in reality the Orient and Occident will embrace in unity and agreement."

-from a talk Abdu’l-Baha delivered on September 1st, 1912, at the Church of the Messiah in Montreal, Canada