Be careful what you pray for.

Jun 2009
There is a saying "be careful what you pray for, it may just come true!" I agree with this saying, not that I believe that I can send a shopping list of wants to God and then get them all provided in some way or another. I don't, and the quotation at the end of my expression of opinion, I think, explains why.

I am not so puritanical that I think that is wrong to ask God for anything, but experience has lead me to the conclusion that I should have the maturity to think about what I ask for and the good sense to preface it with the sentiment "If it be in accordance with Thy Will ..."

As a friend used to say, "God answers all prayers but sometimes the answer is NO"

I am not sure if this is personal or cooincidence but I do believe that there is a sort of Divine humour in some situations. I went through a stage in my late teens and 20s when I really wanted something, to just pray for it and in a surprising number of times I got what I asked for in a way that I did not want. This could have, of course, been a cooincidence. I am not sure.

I am not quite sure either how prayer works inasmuch as I suspect that, although we pray to God, maybe through one of His Manifestations, it is as much for us, as a communication. I think that prayer can help focus our thoughts and attention in a way that can be very good for our mental health.

There something in Hidden words - if I remember correctly:

"Love Me that I may Love thee. If thou lovest Me not then My Love can in no wise reach thee. Know this O servant"

Is prayer, in a mystical way, allowing us to open a connection to God and be able to receive some Divine Love?

Here is a quotation I liked:

"But we ask for things which the divine wisdom does not desire for us, and there is no answer to our prayer. His wisdom does not sanction what we wish. We pray, "O God! Make me wealthy!" If this prayer were universally answered, human affairs would be at a standstill. There would be none left to work in the streets, none to till the soil, none to build, none to run the trains. Therefore, it is evident that it would not be well for us if all prayers were answered. The affairs of the world would be interfered with, energies crippled and progress hindered. But whatever we ask for which is in accord with divine wisdom, God will answer. Assuredly!"

(Abdu'l-Baha, The Promulgation of Universal Peace, p. 246)