Celebrating the Twin Births

Oct 2011

Just wondering what everybody's plans are to celebrate the Bab's and Baha'u'llah's births. Our general area here which includes 8 communities is planning a celebration with music and multicultural food. Unfortunately for me, it's 230 miles round-trip, after dark right through deer and elk country. In lieu of going to the party, a few of us older ladies, who don't see well at night, are going to the Bridge Homeless Shelter and preparing a delicious home cooked meal. We did this last year, so maybe it will become a tradition and the shelter will look forward to those Baha'is coming to prepare a meal in November.

Loving regards,
Dear becky, I being ill and disabled can only dream of such a night. But my wife and I will celebrate as best as possible. Loving blessings to you and your communities dear friend.
Also dear maryamr
Jul 2014
Dear Bill...you and your dear wife are in my heart and prayers! May God bless you with a contented heart. You have risen to His call in your life!

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