Confused On Naw-Ruz


Mar 2013
Edwardsville, Illinois, USA
Naw Ruz marks the spring equinox in the northern hemisphere which occurs at a precise moment. In my understanding, the Iranian calendar tracks the actual day this occurs (in Iran), and Naw Ruz is celebrated on that day, with leap days to adjust the calendar to fit. The Baha’i calendar is meant to do the same, but as a temporary measure the Guardian synchronized the Baha’i calendar with the Gregorian calendar as far as leap days, so Naw Ruz was always celebrated on March 21. That was changed a few years ago, so now Baha’i Naw Ruz follows the actual spring equinox, the same as the Iranian calendar does., which means it will vary by a day or two according to the a Gregorian calendar.
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