"Cremation of Care" is a satanic mockery of The Bab's Martyrdom

"Cremation of Care Ritual" is around the 2nd week of July ever year held in a little Redwood Grove along the Northern California Coastline

(not far from former Universal House of Justice member Hooper Dunbar's complete art studio - lucky bastard talk about payout for "parable of talents" relative to my less than fruitful attempts at being a famous abstract artist) I digress, but I do think of his Burden in my prayers of Him Returning to America to have to know this crap exists down the road from him the past 8 years he's settled here.

Anyways , and so I thought about a good Bahai Writings Idea of what Baha'u'llah seems to be asking the American presidents and politicians to do to counter that and composed this letter to all concerned fto

#SurvivorStories and other pertinent activists against child abuse:

Dear President Donald Trump,

The God of my Understanding
and a lot of Other People's understanding
is telling you

"HEARKEN ye, O Rulers of America and the Presidents of
the Republics therein . . . . .
Bind ye the broken with the hands of justice,
and crush the oppressor "

Who could possibly deserve to be binded and healed more than
children who are at the mercy of psychopaths to be abused?

Perhaps this CREMATION OF APATHY RITUAL, this burning of paper
copies of these totenkopfs, helps completely reverse
all Bohemian Grove pranks?

That occurs right around when the Martyrdom of The Bab happens annually. (9th of July)
They're slave mocking everything sacred and Holy to Bahais.


Become a Benevolent Arsonist for God.
Simply Burn a paper collection of these skull and bones logos
Universal symbols of Dark Occultists
(especially the Yale Secret Society)
(all who at the very least condoners and enablers of pedocidal pedophile psychopaths):
for worshipping the "Skull and Bones"
(a.k.a. Nazi Totenkopf in various forms)

And Consider Baha'u'llah's Fire Tablet Words

"Should all the servants read and ponder this, there
shall be kindled in their veins a fire that shall
set aflame the worlds."
- Baha'u'llah in Reference to His The Fire Tablet"

Here's the "great culling" UN Agenda 21 delivered to those who deserve the most: the real parasites:

In the spirit of Donnie Darko Film

"Burn it to the Ground" as in a covert Pedophile child porn dungeon from a covert pedophile who is a "respectable" charismatic member of a community:

MACHINIZATIONS, from open pedophile normalization,
to covert satanic ritual abusers: All to THE GROUND!

That is do your part focusing your mind and altering the Collective conscience :

Keep the fire burning
And CREATE SurgicalLY delivered, collateral damage free.
Open annihilation of all child abusing, CHILD torturing
pedocidal, pedophile psychopaths.
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Oct 2014
And confused words don't get less confused just because they are written in enormous coloured letters.

Jul 2018
Tarshish, bound for Nineveh
And confused words don't get less confused just because they are written in enormous coloured letters.

But he is a person of great passion.

It calls to mind the words of Walt Whitman:

“I sound my barbaric yawp over the rooftops of the world.”

I think it is good to be passionate. But it is even greater to harness it, like a sail harnesses the wind, and direct it someplace chosen by the will.

its better to troll this site mistaking that Baha'u'llah approves of me trolling than get distracted in other forums where I know Baha'u'llah won't approve of me reacting to their infinitely worse than Gnat's trollbait b.s.
Jun 2014
But overall, bwahahahahahahahahahahah!!

No, Bohemian Grove isn't mocking us.

We're too small for that group of rich, corrupt persons to care about us.

They're too busy LARPing out in the woods pretending to sacrifice people to a giant owl statue to care about mocking us.

And even if they were mocking us, I frankly couldn't care less about mockery when it comes from a bunch of rich fools dressed in leaves and lederhosen pretending to worship a concrete owl out in the California woods. Really, they're so absurd that mockery coming from them would ring hollow. :p :p :p

You're right in calling them slaves, in that they are slaves to whatever bizarre compulsion makes them think the whole owl sacrifice LARP is a good idea, but why on earth would you care about the mockery of a slave who does things that absurd??
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Oct 2014
And, by the way, why should we CARE? If we CARED less about things which aren't important and more about things that really matter, we all would be better off.

I'll quote the wisdom of a little child:

Grown-ups talk so much about unimportant things, such as politics, taxes, mortgages and work, instead of talking about important things, like ice cream, summer holidays and little kittens.



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