Divine Chastisement-Baha'u'llah's letters to the Kings and rulers.

Sep 2013
Puerto Rico
I would like to announce that I have finally published my talks about Baha'u'llah's letters to the Kings and rulers. I have studied this topic for more than a decade. Please go to www.fritzkersting.com and click on Divine Chastisement. You can then click on any of the leaders. Each talk is 12 to 15 minutes long. Hope you enjoy. Since I am a composer there is also a lot of music on the site that is influenced by Baha'i prayers, Hidden words, etc.
Dec 2012
North America
What an excellent source! Thank you Mr. Kersting!

Being a full-time student, my studies and work are frivolous, whenever I have the time, I will watch all your videos on YouTube and I'm astonished by all the resources you show on your blog.

Thanks again! :yes:
Jun 2006
Fritz I listened to both Letters to the Shah and Pius the Ninth that you narrated.. Thanks for offering the Letters in a form with historical background!

Who helped you with the visual parts of the video... just curious.

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