Does anyone here trust the House of Justice?

Jan 2012
I need to know: Does anyone here agree with following the House of Justice as the best way forward for the Baha’i community, and what Baha’u’llah, Abdu’l-Baha and Shoghi Effendi would have wanted? If so, what are your reasons for agreeing with that?

(edit) By “following the House of Justice” I mean trying with all our hearts to continually improve our understanding of what it’s calling for us to do, and trying with all our hearts to find any way we can to help, at the very least by praying for it and by encouraging and supporting people who are doing it. Is anyone here doing any of that, and if so, what reasons can you think of for anyone to want to do that?
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Sep 2010
Normanton, Far North West Queensland
I would say that we are all trying to follow the Guidance given by Baha'u'llah and following His Covenant.

To do this, we must embrace the guidance given by the Universal House of Justice. Thus I would agree it is a heartfelt journey to understand what we are called to be and guided to do.

As to encouragement and support. The goals of the Faith, in Australia, have not reached our area as yet.

Regards Tony
Sep 2017
I'm not sure anyone else is trying to do, but as a newcomer coming to the faith I am 100% trying my best to increase my love and devotion to the house of justice ... why? Because Bahá'u'lláh has invested it with infallibility, and Abdul Baha says it is the source of all good and free from error, and I believe to be a firm Bahá'í one must be obedient to the House of justice
Sep 2018
Me personally as non-Baha'i (but Baha'i very soon I think) the main roadblock I have is I don't agree with some House of Justice letters because they go against what I already know or what I think. But then I also think that if I was Baha'i with voting we have the option to further and give clarify by getting the right people there, I'm glad it hasn't been forced over like the Akal Takht before. I guess I don't trust it fully cause I don't know it fully yet. This is my outsider view
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