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Apr 2017
Dear friends

The Wikipedia is a living, eloquent example of people working together voluntarily for something that brings enormous benefit to mankind. One of the most successful collective enterprises that has defied barriers of race, nationality, religion, gender and wealth.

It may be considered a strong support of Baha'i principles such as "Universal Education", "Oneness of Mankind", "Gender Equality" "Elimination of Prejudices" and more.

While navigating Wikipedia today, I got a solicitude for donations and thought sharing this with you. Donate today, to keep it free of advertisement. Two American dollars by user could suffice.

Donating to Wikipedia is like helping to stop a war, discover a vaccine against malaria or mitigating climate change. It was through a Wikipedia article that I first knew about the Bahai Faith.

I apologize in advance if the Forum is not the proper place to post such an invitation.... but please donate.
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Oct 2014
It hasn't even struck my mind to donate to Wikipedia. I see no reason for them not to finance their operation through advertisements.

Nov 2013
Costa Rica
If you are just asking for a donation, your post probably belongs in the
off-topic sub-forum. I will comment on its relation to the Baha'i culture and
arts. There are two things which allow the Baha'is to not require outside
donations: organization and staying on topic. Those are things Wikipedia lacks.
Despite the sophisticated technology at its disposal, Wikipedia is fraught thru
and thru with all the political corruption common in Western societies. Bias
often shows because edits are not subject to oversight by knowledgeable people.
Charging for the service is out of the question because people will just find
what they are looking for with a Google search.