Faith under fire: Student told to remove rosary Oct 5, 2013

Apr 2011
'STOCKTON, CA - An eighth grader says his faith is under fire after school officials told him to take off his rosary at school.

Adrian Sanchez, 13, wears his rosary proudly over his shirt every day.

"That's my beliefs," Adrian said. "I believe in Jesus and I wear it as a symbol."

Adrian has been asked a handful of times to tuck the religious necklace inside his shirt at James Monroe Elementary School. On Thursday, the principal pulled him aside and told him to take it off.

"I thought that was wrong," mother Mandy Sanchez said. "He's been wearing it. He wanted him to literally take it off his neck and put in his backpack."'

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Oct 2011
It is all part of what Baha'u'llah spoke about regarding religion and faith in the world, nothing to surprise us.
The day is coming when the leaders of the world will decide religion is wrong.
Then they will realize this is wrong and come together to choose a religion.
This will be a great Day.
Oct 2011
We definetly should stand up for people like this.
Certainly as Baha'is we are to stand for truth and justice and against all forms of intolerance, at the same time we understand that God is really the only judge.

But at this time of collapse of the old world order, you will have a great deal to report on, as far as these types of matters.