Free Baha’i music.

Mar 2020

also can reach with It is work in progress and can not seem to get interested in finishing the site. You have to use links at the very top to get to the site.

I am starting with downloadable hidden words but someday will probably expand.
Let me know if you know of downloadable music that fills in the blanks.
perhaps if someone likes the site it will motivate me to work on it.
Nov 2015
This is pretty useful. Music certainly is a gateway to deeper understanding and a lovely avenue in which the Hidden words have been presented. I've never stated this here but I make rap music as my career of choice and I have found it personally to lead to deeper understanding of the topics I choose to speak about. It's one thing to hear topics being spoken about but another entirely to focus on the sound and melody and the myriad depths it may take your soul to. I definitely think more scriptures should be brought to life musically. Reminds me almost of how the Samaveda of Hinduism is largely hymns of the Rigveda set to melody.
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