Freethoughted Bahai means Nazarite Bahai

Apr 2013
Dorset , UK
"1. Keeping the person unaware that they are being led through
an orchestrated process designed to influence them ( Roman-Catholic Church)

2. Controlling the person’s social environment, information
and time (Jehovah’s Witnesses)

3. Creating a sense of powerlessness by keeping people
from their normal social support network and instilling
a dependence upon the group ( Bahai World Faith – Universal House of Justice)

4. Implementing a system of rewards, punishments and
experiences to distance the person from their former
social identity and to buy into the group’s ideology ( Islamic extremism)

5. The use of guilt, shame and fear to promote conformity
to the group ( Hinduism , Buddhism)"

Qutes according to rabbi Scobac , in branches added by PawelSz