Gotta ask... is there a such thing as free will??


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Mar 2006
Seattle, WA
Back in my college days, my friends and I used to get into arguments over free will...whether or not it was real.

Free will meaning having the ability to do something using your very own thought processes, not meaning that someone else influences any control on any decision you make.

Perhaps free will is only to a certain extent, meaning at that extent would put the entire "infinite universe theory" into play - as every choice you make has an infinite amount of universes where everything happens. This would imply that there is no free will since everything is happening and you just happen to be in that particular universe.

Why does physics make everything so complicated?

What do you think?
Jul 2006
Oregon, USA

Free Will does exist and is an essential part of life. It is the primary tool
by which we educate our human spirit. We are free to think any thoughts or take
any kind of action -- right or wrong. This is not to say that Free Will is
not without consequences. We can also learn from the consequences of
others actions or inactions.

We are free to be the most devilish of devils or the most saintly of saints.
Just look at our human history. Both extremes are allowed by God.

The practice of Free Will, in our normal associations with other persons and
in the greater world of nature, reinforces our insights and thought processes.

Steven J. Hathaway
Jun 2006
Freewill and responsibility for our actions.

Abdul-Baha in Some Answered Questions suggests where free will for man is defined:

"Some things are subject to the free will of man, such as justice, equity, tyranny and injustice, in other words, good and evil actions; it is evident and clear that these actions are, for the most part, left to the will of man. But there are certain things to which man is forced and compelled, such as sleep, death, sickness, decline of power, injuries and misfortunes; these are not subject to the will of man, and he is not responsible for them, for he is compelled to endure them. But in the choice of good and bad actions he is free, and he commits them according to his own will."

Human beings I believe have free will and responsibility for their decisions. People who want to avoid responsibility for their moral decisions tend to blame other factors such as maybe the environment or heredity, genetics or acts of God.

- Art

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