Greatest Name in biology

May 2009
Hi Friends,

A couple of years ago I encountered a website with microscopy images of a microbe -- whose species I forget, I think it was an amoeba -- which had internal physical structures closely resembling the Greatest Name.

If anybody is familiar with this or can find the website, could you please remind me of the species name or share a URL? I'd be really grateful!



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Mar 2006
Chapel Hill
that's crazy. are there any other places where this has been published? a couple of the links on that page don't work...
Jun 2006
I think it's fascinating but it's important also to realise that this was an image of a cross section of the algae.. now a days there at least five hundred varieties of this algae that are known and most scientists only work with a few of them at a least that's from the reading that I've gathered.

- Art
May 2009
Yes it's quite amazing as it looks like a symbol we might expect to see hanging on a wall at a Baha'i home! A search for the species name on google, Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, shows there are quite a few variations like Art mentioned.

What I like about this is that it's not subjective: there's no need to use our imagination to see the symbol. I remember seeing a photo of a tree which was struck by lightning, resulting in it (apparently) resembling a person praying towards Mecca. But, no matter how much I squinted and tilted my head I couldn't see it! There was also that story about the toast which had a pattern resembling Mary: it later fetched a ridiculous sum on E-bay.

These cells are much more convincing methinks :)

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