Dec 2016
Alláh-u-Abhá, I'm an Australian Baha'i who was raised in a Baha'i family. Declared at 15 but went through a period of doubt, did a lot of reading though and I now consider myself very confirmed in my beliefs. I'm particularly interested in Baha'i history, as I think it's just amazing how lucky we are to have so much information on the early history of our religion.
Dec 2012
Greetings BBAlbertFreddie,

Welcome to the forum.

The website is owned and managed by Daniel who takes a relaxed attitude and this often makes for some honest and interesting discussions. Personally I like this approach because it encourages open conversation and open readership. This can make it welcoming to those that seek information, test ideas, discuss issues or simply seek personal healing. No subject is taboo.

Incidentally I have enjoyed reading a few of your comments on Bahá'í Reddit so am delighted to see that you have decided to look in here too as all forum communities have their own unique culture.


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