Happy Naw-Ruz

Mar 2015
Bend area, Oregon
"Happy the one who entereth upon the first day of the month of Bahá, the day which God hath consecrated to this Great Name. And blessed be he who evidenceth on this day the bounties that God hath bestowed upon him; he, verily, is of those who show forth thanks to God through actions betokening the Lord's munificence which hath encompassed all the worlds. Say: This day, verily, is the crown of all the months and the source thereof, the day on which the breath of life is wafted over all created things. Great is the blessedness of him who greeteth it with radiance and joy. We testify that he is, in truth, among those who are blissful."

(Bahá'u'lláh, The Kitab-i-Aqdas, verse 111)

"O ye beloved friends of God and handmaids of the Merciful!

Call ye to mind the blessed Name of our peerless Beloved, the Abha Beauty, in an uplifting spirit of unbounded ecstasy and delight, then unloose your tongues in His praise in such wise that the realm of the heart may be purged from the woes and sorrows of the world of water and clay, that the great heights of spiritual perception may be unveiled before your eyes, that the glorious signs of His Divine Unity may shine resplendent, a fresh outpouring of His grace may stream forth, and a liberal effusion of celestial confirmations may be vouchsafed unto you. . . ."

('Abdu'l-Bahá, from an unpublished authorized translation of a Tablet of 'Abdu'l-Bahá. Letter from Department of the Secretariat to an individual in the year 2000).
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Sep 2010
Normanton, Far North West Queensland
Happy Naw-Ruz to all my dear friends;
Since this Eid is also the beginning of Spring, and the beginning of the new year in Iran, I wish you all a very good new year full of happiness, spiritual growth, success and inspiration.
Happy Naw Ruz Maryamr, I hope you are well and happy and have a great Naw Ruz.

I wish you always the best.

Regards Tony
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