Holy Spirit

Aug 2019
In discussions about the Holy Spirit I experience that he is seen as the one who was sent by Christ after he ascended into heaven. Some followers of new revelations try to interpret the verses in such a way that the Holy Spirit is the prophet's announcement. I want to be honest, I find the often linguistic derivations unconvincing. Moreover, New Testament science has a consensus that these verses cannot be understood as the announcement of a new prophet.

What I find interesting is that we always look at the Holy Spirit after Jesus, but often lose sight of the fact that the Holy Spirit begat Jesus Christ and fell on him symbolically in a dove when he was recognized by God as "his beloved Son".

In the New Testament we are informed that the Holy Spirit, the helper, is sent to the disciples because they do not want to leave Jesus alone until the end of the age (Aeon). Why is this so interesting? Because of course the Holy Spirit was sent to the disciples (Pentecost event) and stayed with them. Later, the next prophet came out of this Holy Spirit.

Why do I bring this point? Because one cannot deny that a Spirit who comes centuries later is not an adviser and therefore the interpretation that the Holy Spirit alone refers to the next prophet is not plausible. At the same time, however, the assumption that the Holy Spirit in his unmanifest form was with us until the end of the world ignores the historicity in which this spirit manifested itself in the prophets.