How many Baha'is are in the world?

How many Baha'is are in the world?

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Mar 2006
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The Bahá'í Faith is recognized as the second-most geographically widespread religion after Christianity, and the only religion to have grown faster than the population of the world in all major areas over the last century.
  • The Bahá'í World News Service reports a Bahá'í membership of more than 5 million worldwide, in "virtually every country" and many territories. This official claim of "more than five million Bahá’ís" in the world came originally in 1991 and hasn't changed since.
  • When this Baha'i Forum community was first created in 2006, it was said there were "about six million Bahá'ís in more than 200 countries and territories around the world."
  • Other sources such as Encyclopedia Britannica or the World Christian Encyclopedia have listed Bahá'í membership as over 7 million.
As we go into 2019, how many followers of the Baha'i Faith are in the world?
Sep 2011
I’d rather stick to official figures. Why should we do guessing? Baha’is have been implementing Statistical Report Program for more than 15 years. People in the UHJ know exactly how many Baha’is in the world.
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