How Should We Behave?

Dec 2015
N Ireland
now it comes to my own suggestion.

Imagine that you live in a very vast country where a VERY powerful king rules. He has the storage of all the physical and spiritual goods. he is the owner of all the food and water in the country, also the owner of all the spiritual bounties. Now, imagine that you are the favorite servant of this king and he loves you more than words can say. he always keeps you in front of his eyes and with his limitless wisdom guides you in all direction. he is very very near to you; in your room, right beside you.

Now, what will you do, when in the presence of this king? I, personally, would die of happiness. I would not ask him for anything. I would only stay and look at him and wont let ANYTHING distract me from looking at his lovely face.

This King, is God. We are living in His land, in to the body He has given us. we eat what He has created and we breath the air He has bestowed. He is the source of all the spiritual bounties and each one of us, are His favorite servants.

If we really really meditate on this image, if we try to keep Him in front of our eyes at every moment, if we say hello to Him the first thing after we wake up in the morning, then eat our lunch with Him and say good night to Him, breath and laugh with Him, then can any outer happening effect our spirit?? I guess not.

If when a group of people are backbiting in a room where we have to sit, we can switch our awareness to our dear King, and communicate with Him in our heart so that we won't even hear what the people in the room are saying. We should do it so strongly that nothing can come between us and Him.

that is my opinion anyway. each of us can try doing it the next time we are put in an uncomfortable condition :)
Little sister, He has blessed you with great wisdom
Aug 2014
Blue Planet
Yes, thank you. You reminded me this Quote from Bahaullah:

"He should treasure the companionship of those that have renounced the world, and regard avoidance of boastful and worldly people a precious benefit. At the dawn of every day he should commune with God, and with all his soul persevere in the quest of his Beloved. He should consume every wayward thought with the flame of His loving mention, and, with the swiftness of lightning, pass by all else save Him."
loved this quote. thankx :yes:
Jun 2009
This is an interesting discussion. Sometimes in the seeming contradictions in The Faith, there seem to be routes to the deepest truths. This is one that I feel I am no-where near unravelling. My thoughts are these- Who are the "ungodly" and who am I to judge if someone is in that category? Is not the mere a act of judgement in some way vaunting myself over another human being?

At a very basic level, persons engaged is certain behaviours must be avoided for our own safety and sanity, at the time they are thus engaged. In general terms, how can we find the vision within to see the light of God in everyone, whilst eschewing fellowship with the ungodly at the same time. Is being ungodly an temporary or permanent state?
Apr 2018
Hello Maryamr!

The question you asked is one of my biggest pet peeves. I understand that I can't change all of the people around me but I can't stand watching them killing their souls and damaging the souls of others! One of the ways is to become a hermit, but who is able to do it?

Another way is to constantly learn how to coexist with people who are different, who aren't ready to accept the Truth yet, and who are angry with the whole World.

It's very hard but doable. Try to imagine those people as naughty children who haven't grown up yet. How can you blame them?