How the wife of the Bab became aware of His station

Nov 2012
Khadijih (Bagum) said how, one late afternoon, He (The Bab) came
home earlier than usual. He said He had a
particular task for that evening, and asked for
dinner to be served earlier. Fiddih the maidservant
usually did the cooking, and the family ate their
evening meal in the room of the Bab’s mother. The
Bab then went to His room for the night.

The Afnan family recall this memorable night. It was
some time before the Bab announced His Call;
Khadijih said, 'An hour later, the house was quiet;
everyone had gone to sleep, The Bab arose from His
bed and left the room. At first I took no special
thought of this. After He was away for more than an
hour, I began to be concerned; I went out to look for
Him, and could find Him nowhere. I thought, maybe He has left the house for some reason.

I tried the door that opens onto the street,
and found it was locked from within, just as usual. I
walked to the west side of the house, and looked up
at the roof-top; I saw the upper room was well-lit. I
was surprised at this also; I had never known Him
go to that part of the house at that hour of night
unless He had guests, and He always told me when
a visitor was coming - He had not mentioned any
guest that night. Astonished and concerned, I went
up the steps on the north side of the courtyard. I
saw Him standing in that room, His hands raised to
heaven, singing a prayer in a most musical voice.

Tears streamed down from His eyes, and rays of
light flowed out from His face. He looked so
majestic and brilliant that fear seized me; I became
unable to move, and trembled all over. I could not
enter the room or leave and go back. All my power
and will was gone, and was about to scream, when
He made a sign with His blessed hands, saying for
me to go back.

The movement of His hands gave me back my
courage, and I returned to my room and my bed. All
through that night I was deeply disturbed. In the
moments I could sleep, the vision of that upper
room would appear in my mind, adding to my
confusion. I kept asking myself what serious
happening had brought about such sorrow and
tears, and prayer of such intensity. I could not sleep
all night; the dimness of dawn came, and I heard
the muezzin's call to prayer.

At sunrise, Fiddih took the hot water pot and
things for tea as usual to the room of the Bab’s
mother. I followed him there, and as soon as my
eyes fell on the Bab, that attitude and majesty I had
seen that night appeared before me. My body went
pale and shook. The Bab’s mother at that moment
had left the room, and the Bab was quietly drinking
His tea. He raised His face to me, and received me
with great kindness and love, asking me to sit.

He passed me the tea that was left in His cup; I drank
it, and His kindness gave me back my courage. He
asked me what was troubling me, and I boldly said
that it was this new change in Him that was heavy
on my mind. "You are no longer," I told Him, "the
same person I knew in our childhood. We grew up
together; we have been married two years, living in
this house; and now I see a different person before
me. You have been transformed!" I said how this
was troubling me.

He smiled; He said He had not
willed that I see Him in that state that night; but God
had arranged it. "It was the will of God," He said,
"that you saw Me the way you did last night, so that
no trace of doubt will ever enter your mind, that you
should know with absolute certainty I am the
Manifestation of God Whose appearance has been
awaited these thousand years. This light radiates
from My heart and from My Being."

As soon as I heard Him speak these words, I believed in Him. I
knelt myself before Him, and my heart became calm
and full of peace. From that moment on, I lived only
to serve Him, making myself nothing before Him,
without any thought of self.'

-- Simplified version of the booklet of H M Balyuzi, which was mostly based on
the written narrative of Abu'l-Qasim Afnan.
Oct 2011
The miracle of transfiguration.
As spoken about also with Jesus in the bible.

This of course was also witnessed by other pure souls, both of the Bab and Baha'u'llah.
That people wish to cling to old faiths and not move forward with accepting God's will, I find sad.
But it is the way of the world, how God sifts the wheat from the chaff.

Thank you dear Josh for the thread.