How would a Bahai respondsto a Jury Duty summons? or court appearance? in the USA or British Common Wealth Countries?

Dec 2018
Some of this is so incredibly interesting about the "Legal Name Fraud"

That I absolutely had to prepare a version [below] that made sense as best as I could given what Baha'u'llah would want me to do. What do you think about it?

Here is how I chose to prepare to respond to jury duty had I been summoned (which I wasn't but almost was):

Veritas est justitiae mater.

Truth is the mother of

“whatsoever ye would that men should do to you,do ye even so to them:for this is the law and the prophets.”MATTHEW 7:12
“The best beloved of all things in My sight is Justice” -Baha’u’llah
Why I wrote & sign my name V.C. =Vi Coactus (Under Constraint) all over the forms.For reasons unknown to me from an unnamed presiding Judge for an unknown case, with unknown defendants and plaintiffs in fear of unknown allegations, I was selected and summoned as a candidate to be a jury member. All these unknown reasons for being summoned carries a great burden of duress and constraint and a great moral responsibility to send a message of truth and justice.


[court administrator/person in Black Robe asks Are you? “1STNAMEMIDDLENAMELASTNAME”?]

I am a living human being and a living human witness to the fraud I would be committing by claiming to be the name (or rather the thing)you mentioned.

Here in my hand: [copy of the Birth Certificate]...
is the prima fascia evidence that the name is owned and registered.
Claiming to be a registered name or Claiming that I own a registered name would be fraud.

So I Am not that Name.I am witness that the registered legal name “1STNAME Middle LASTNAME”,serves exclusively as a reference point for government,legal and
business records.I do not “own”that name (like a tangible set of car keys).The prima
fascia evidence that I do not own the name “1STNAME MIDDLENAME LASTNAME”is the birth
certificate of that name which was registered to [OZLALALAND] County, State of [KANSAS] recording
when and where I was physically born as a helpless infant human being [Xth] of [BIRTHMONTH] [BIRTHYEAR],when I had no ability to decide whether or not it be registered.The name is not a tangible item that can be owned nor possessed like a pair of car keys.And I am not an inanimate object like a set of car keys either. Now do you understand the context why I make the statement I do not own a registered name,do not claim to be a registered name,and such claim would be fraud? I make this statement in good conscience. I make this statement about the legal name as a gesture of self respect,all respect,and principle standing in truth and in good conscience with no disrespect to anyone.The best most simple way to describe my relationship to that legal name,is that I am the steward of the name.I am only the steward of the name.

steward.1.A person appointed to manage the affairs of another.From Black's Law Dictionary Ninth Edition (in this case the registered legal name “1STNAME MIDDLENAME LASTNAME”)

With all that said begs the question to everyone here: Is it your intent,or the intent of anyone else (in or out of this court room)to entice me or anyone into Slavery?

It would also be fair to say that
If ever I say or said I am that name,any name,was a name,or have a name,I do so entirely for these 3 following reasons.

1. V.C. (Vi Coactus/Under Constraint)duress of the overwhelming might of Government
2. the Unwitting conditioning consensus/peer pressure/to go-along to-get-along/programming &/or penchants from early childhood to respond to such name and claim to be such name in context of programmed conditioned response of brainwashing.
3. The context as a reference point in communication

AGAIN without OVEREMPHASIZING I REPEAT: I do not own the name nor can I claim to be the name.I am the witness that I am only the steward of the name.

****EXTENDED CONDITIONAL STATEMENTS to others in Courtroom (especially to other Jury Candidates)if Time is Given: Awareness of one’s true being as a living human witness to the fraud of claiming to be a name seems absolutely crucial if justice is to ever be served here.Words alone seem inadequate to proclaim the wisdom of each and everyone of all of you people in here hearing me here and now to Ask that you please do your part to
-research &investigate “legal name fraud”
-know thyself as a living human being witness,
-to please kindly do not sell out to any unjust or immoral decisions in the course of your jury duty,
and render any unjust law you can through Jury Nullification.

Dear fellow potential Jury Candidates,Know you you are far more than a mere reference point on a piece of paper to be objectified or cajoled by superstitious ideas about authority.You are all entitled to resist whatever cult hazing government public schools and mamby pamby parental upbringing peer pressure entices you to agree to be slaves by whatever means necessary.Any use of the legal name is only done in deference to the overwhelming physical power of government that would otherwise jeopardize survival and safety inmost cases.If anyone enters that I am simply a legal name,or that I possess a legal name (as though it is a tangible item like a set of car keys),especially,without noting thatI proclaimed that I am first and foremost a living human being and a living human witness or “the living human witness”
and only a steward to that name,they are complicit in defying these principles and are committing ethical and spiritual fraud.

Inspiring references for further research and independent investigation:

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Kate’s Writings
‘I,Who Shall Not Be Named”