Huff Post: Are we becoming a world civilization?

Apr 2011
"As the world's leaders gather in New York for the UN General Assembly, do you wonder about the overall direction of the human race now that we are some 13 years into the 21st century? While pressing issues such as turmoil in the Middle East, climate change, economies in dislocation, and many others come to our immediate attention; it is interesting (in the spirit of walking while also chewing gum) to look at this question through the macro lens of history as well.

If we step back just 100 years, to September 1913, we would see that neither the United Nations nor its predecessor, the League of Nations, existed. At that time, most of the countries that will participate at this 2013 UN General Assembly were either colonies dominated by a handful of European empires, or didn't exist. If you were a woman who actually wanted to vote, you'd best be on the next boat to Australia or New Zealand. Civil rights, the radio, the television, a photograph of earth from Saturn, The Huffington Post on your cell phone, none of these was generally available.

Are We Becoming a World Civilization? | Shastri Purushotma