I became a Baha'i!

Jul 2011
Hey I got some requests for more info- I didn't know where to put it so I suppose I'll put it here.

So...after about 8 months of investigation, I hit the little button on the website and became a Baha'i! I did a good bit of prior investigation- I read the Aqdas, Iqan, Some Answered Question, Thief in the Night, God Loves Laughter, Hidden Words, and Gems of Divine Guidance, and went to the local Baha'i center many times.

After racking over it for a long time, I decided to just go ahead and do it. You know, be decisive about something for once.

Yes, for those who know, I am a high school student living with two secular parents of Christian and Jewish faith- both of whom I'm pretty sure either already think I am Baha'i or don't particularly mind either way.

I feel like I may want to be different in some ways- for example, I really wish to incorporate many elements of Buddhism- for example I have a mala, and meditate with it, as well as my own set of Baha'i prayer beads which I made-
I will also continue to visit different religious centers- once I get my license, which should be in a few months.

It looks as though I will probably not be doing the fast in it's entirety due to track (not eating would be physically harmful during the time) but maybe I can fast during the summer to try to make up for it a bit. I believe this is permitted, though it is not the same.

I still have lingering concerns (mostly about the Administration and a lot of the hearsay-ish stories found about the web) but I wish to know through my own experience and not that of others.

Thank you all for your support! You did help- not so much as the "real", physical people at the Baha'i center, but I do thank you all.
Mar 2011
That's great wombatwolf. I'll say a few things as usual, concise but try to sincerely help.

There's no issue with being a Baha'i in your own unique way. That's what this faith is all about. It's about unity in variation. It's about coming together but following our own unique individual path. So I'd say using ideas from other religions in your prayers and practices is not a problem at all.

And about the fasting, all I can say is that it's really about the spirit and true intent of the act. When for whatever reasonable reason a person can't fast then I think it's justified.

Good luck with the track run ;)
Dec 2010
Westland, MI, USA

Congratulations to you, wombatwolf, on the latest stage of your spiritual development. You can read the writings of Baha'u'llah, the Bab for the rest of your life and never exhaust the spiritual insights they contain (and let's not forget the insights conveyed in the writings of the Guardian and the Universal House of Justice).
Jul 2011
Boy, uh...the LSA representative must have searched my name on facebook, because they just added me- I hope they're not offended, I don't add anyone I don't personally know anymore...
Sep 2010
Hmmmmmppppphhhhhffff!! Didn't you come here first? Hmm? We all get credit for your enrollment, nobody keeps score and takes credit so much. It's a celebration!

Considering being able to become obedient to the administration when applicable. It is a practice of unity which I have seen make Baha'is unique and special. Avoid those unjustly critical of Faith, we have been told to avoid them as they are spiritually corrosive.

If it takes years to reach the goal set in practice praying a.m. and p.m. AND read from the Sacred Writings morning and night if only a sentence. Make it a goal that you can reach and keep. I've read all of the Writings of Baha'u'llah more than once. It is a spiritual bank account if you do put little in it every day then when you are 30 you'll have a great deal! I am so glad I did this over 20 years ago. Consider it!!!

AS I said to you early it's great to have you. You qualify as a believer to me, not someone that just joined a religion. I cannot say it's a surprise you joined. You "felt" right and did right about many things.
Sep 2010
Well done - Welcome to the never ending search for truth under the banner of Baha'u'llah :yes::happy:

I wish you a rewarding journey - I agree with you, the web is a source of information some good a lot bad. It is the contact with each other in the real world that is most important.

The Fast is a personal challenge up to each individual to tackle as they can - Prayer is a very important part of the Fast.

Best of luck with your continuing journey

Regards Tony
Jun 2006
Well there Wombat Wolf...Congratualtions!

My hope is that you will find fulfillment in acts of service to humanity.

One thing about your fast...

It looks as though I will probably not be doing the fast in it's entirety due to track (not eating would be physically harmful during the time) but maybe I can fast during the summer to try to make up for it a bit. I believe this is permitted, though it is not the same.

There are no make-ups ... If you miss a day of fasting you don't need to make up for it by fasting later.

Maybe an act of service to someone would be appropriate...

A letter which was signed by you in general was received. Its content was of the utmost beauty, sweetness, eloquence and perfection. While reading it the utmost happiness was produced. It spoke of fasting during the month of the Fast. Happy is your condition for you have executed the divine command; and have arisen to fast in these blessed days. For this physical fasting is a symbol of the spiritual fasting, that is, abstaining from all carnal desires, becoming characterized with the attributes of the spiritual ones, attracted to the heavenly fragrances and enkindled with the fire of the love of God.

~ Abdu'l-Baha, Tablets of Abdu'l-Baha v1, p. 40
Nov 2011
Downriver Michigan
Congrats, i hope you enjoy your new spiritual path. May it treat you well, i havent got a chance to offically be a baha'i i just follow it and live by it. Does becoming offical feel any different?

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