I Ching

Nov 2015
I agree with you. I think a lot of the old methods of fortune telling were meant as aids not to specifically tell the future, but rather to look inwardly and examine oneself.

It reminds me a bit of the science fiction show Babylon Five, where there are two opposing species trying to guide the rest of the species. One is inward-focused, asking other species "who are you?" while the other is outward-focused asking instead "what do you want?"

I think I Ching, Tarot Cards, and similar ideas started as an attempt to answer the question "who are you?" but evolved over time into their more modern forms, where people instead are looking for the answer of what they want.

I've seen a quote from Shoghi Effendi telling us that the power to look into the future is actually real, and not technically a superstition, but that ability to do so is a function of the soul intended for use in the past life. He compares this to how our eyes technically work while inside our mother's wombs, but we're not going to receive any meaningful information from using them before birth. :p Likewise while (apparently) it is possible to divine the future, we're not going to be able to really use that ability in a useful way until our deaths.
This is exactly why I miss you Walrus. :p
Aug 2014
Blue Planet
I think if you look at it as just a fun activity, not relying on it 100% and not letting it rule your life, then it's fine. You know, I used to sometimes shuffle thru my songs and pick up one randomly after having asked a question in my heart :D I'm sure God enjoys it when we're enjoying our lives in a harmless way. just don't rely on it and don't get attached to it.
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