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Sep 2010
Hello ! My name Is Ali Emanoil. I am 19 years old from Romania but i live in Montreal. Since i was young i studied all religions. i was born Protestant and i converted to Shia Islam 2 years ago. I have tried every religion but never found true peace. i suffer from Bipolar disorder and depression. Shiaism brought me peace for a time until i started getting tired of its political side (Iran,Hezbollah,Kill the apopstate etc ) . i still deeply love and revere Muhammad and Ahle Muhammad. i started reading a bit about bahaism and it seems very logical and clear. Can Bahaism bring me peace and connection with God ? Is there any Bahais here in montreal willing to talk or maybe meet so they can explain to me the faith better ?? Thanks !

Hi and welcome to the Forum. The answer is yes, the Baha'i Faith can indeed give a strong connection and everlasting peace with God.

I hope you find someone to talk to, here is a link that you can look at Montreal Bahá

If you have questions please ask. My Wife has Bipolar disorder and suffered Manic depression. She is a Baha'i that has found peace in God and a balance in life.

My wife offers that we must look at medical science for what you both suffer from, what has to be balanced is the Serotonin.

Regards Tony
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Apr 2013
Dorset , UK
From whom does The House take advice?
My dear friend, better is Universal House of Justifice than a Vatican & stupid shia Imams , that both organisations have the same connection, both are hierarchical and authoritarian
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