Is the Bahai Faith the first religion meant for the whole of humanity?

Jun 2018
I have been learning about the Bahai Faith and have read that humanity is like a student and religions are like different grades in school and as the student (humanity) matures we are ready for new rules and teachings. Does that mean that every previous religion was meant for everyone? I can't find any clear answer, but did God want everyone to be Jewish, then Christian, then Muslim, then Bahai? Or were previous religions only meant for specific cultures?
My words; we find that ; (but did God want everyone to be Jewish, then Christian, then Muslim, then Bahai?) (these in my humble opinion's), aren't religions, as much as they are Teachings given out by the One Creator dependent upon the the maturity of civilization at the time. IMHO; they could be considered specific to specific peoples, especially say 10,000 years ago when most peoples were in isolation and global communication was unheard of and global wasn't even a know thing. IMHO; the Teachings are increasingly more sophistatcated as Civilization (more and more individuals are able to receive advanced education, especially in the science arena.) Generally there are Spiritual Teachings which can be universal and eternal, along with social Teachings to cement social cohesion, which seem to be crafted to the intellect of the population. For example: The technology we have today would get you burned at the stake a mere 300 years ago. And even today it is extremely difficult to address equality between the sexes and how ridiculous racism is. Personally I disagree with calling the Bahai Faith a religion, or any of the early Teachings, as I see Bahai as the newest Teachings from our Creator with more to come. There is one thing and that is the Creator and it's progressive Teachings. That men have hijacked the Teachings and claimed them for their tribe, their nation.
Aug 2014
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There are three kinds of divine Prophets. One kind are the universal Manifestations, which are even as the sun. Through Their advent the world of existence is renewed, a new cycle is inaugurated, a new religion is revealed, souls are quickened to a new life, and East and West are flooded with light. These Souls are the universal Manifestations of God and have been sent forth to the entire world and the generality of mankind.

Another kind of Prophets are followers and promulgators, not leaders and law-givers, but they are nonetheless the recipients of the hidden inspirations of God. Yet another kind are Prophets Whose prophethood has been limited to a particular locality. But the universal Manifestations are all-encompassing: They are like the root, and all others are as the branches; they are like the sun, and all others are as the moon and the stars.

(Abdul Baha- Table talks- additional tablets and extracts)
Jun 2014
I normally don't like replying to old threads ...

But I think they probably all are meant for the whole of humanity, always. We can learn from the religions of the past as well, and further contextualize the more modern teachings. And so every religion is meant for all of humanity.
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Mar 2013
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I'm uncomfortable saying to anyone that the Baha'i Teachings are another new religion. Also not an independent religion is what I think the term used is. Completely disagreeing with the term. Past faiths as simply older Teachings from the same source of creation. When I speak to non-Baha'i I stress the point that the Teachings are a continuation of what was given previously in what were assumed to be, Independent religions.
I agree with you! As with most things there are different ways to look at it, and there are reasons why it is at times appropriate to think of the Baha'i Faith as an independent religion, but in the truest sense, all religions are really one, so none of them are independent, they all depend on the same God and are connected to each other.

This statement form the House of Justice gives us the perspective to see all people in relation to One Common Faith:
One Common Faith | Bahá’í Reference Library
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