Is this website legitimate?

Jul 2017
Dear djg,

this website relates to a group set up by Rex King in the sixties after the passing of Charles Mason Remey, the self-declared second Guardian. King was one of three successors who further splintered what was called the "Orthodox Bahá'í Faith". One of the major claims of this group, which officially names itself "Bahá'ís under the provisions of the Covenant" is that they have both, a living Guardian and an elected House of Justice with the "Davidic King" as its head. They exhaustively refer to prophecies of the Old Testament foretelling the reign of a new king on the throne of David. Rex King = Davidic King. It's as simple as that^^

Scholars estimate a number of 300-500 adherents worldwide. But they set up many "National Assembly" accounts on Facebook.
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