ISIS claims attack on a Bahai in Banglandesh

Aug 2010
New Zealand mainly
on the morning of November 8, three assailants on motorcycles attacked a Bahai man, Ruhul Amin, who is active at the Rangpur Bahai Centre. On November 18, a very similar attempted assassination in the same city targetted a 64-year-old Italian physician, Piero Parolari, who was shot in the neck by three assailants riding a motorbike. Mr Parolari is assistant pastor of the Dinajpur parish. He was attacked as he was cycling to Saint Vincent Hospital to provide free treatment to tuberculosis patients.

The SITE Intel Group, a US-based terrorism monitoring organisation, has stated that Islamic State, speaking via twitter and the Amaq News Agency, has claimed responsibility for both these attacks, in addition to three recent attacks that killed Rahma Ali, a politician [not confirmed ~Sen]; Cesare Tavella, an Italian aid worker working for a Christian organisation based in the Netherlands, and Kunio Hoshi, a Japanese agricultural worker.
Jul 2011
n ireland
And they'd have people believe that these victims were enemies of Islam!!! The Prophet must be ashamed of such criminals claiming to act in His name!!!
Mar 2016
"they have nothing concrete right at the moment, not even a clue." Sunni were helpful toward Baha'is in the past. Any attack may be mitigated by the presence of a target group.

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