Israel Cool: French article: Headquartered in Israel, Baha'i Mania is Spreading...

Apr 2011
Israel Cool: French article: Headquartered in Israel, Baha'i Mania is Spreading in the World of Religions

French Title: "Implantee en Israel la Bahai mania se repand sur la planete des religions"

Dear Friends,
Fortunately Google Translate translated this article fairly well, please enjoy short extract below;

'Unknown to the general public, the community Baha'i, with headquarters in Israel, however, is regarded as the second [most geographically widespread] independant world religion. His [ie Baha'u'llah's] spiritual and universal values are the perfect example of living together and allow it to play an active role in promoting peace in the United Nations (UN).

The Baha'i Faith emerged in the mid-nineteenth centurey Persia: It's founder, Baha'u'llah, a Persian nobleman, has proclaimed [in] 1863 to be the bearer of a new revelation. With today between 5 and 7 million members worldwide, this religion is based on the premise that humanity forms a harmonious and peaceful unit beyond the divisions of nationality, orgin or colour. Such positioning needs some deepening.

The Spritual Principles of Community Baha'i
The thrust of the [central principles of the] Baha'i religion are first spiritual. Thus, the role of one God is paramount. This God has several Divine Messengers through time (Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha), [who] were the source of [the] different religions. These religions are, according to the Baha'i Faith, equal and helped move society towards a mature enough stage [to the point where the] uniqeness of human beings now allows the creation of a peaceful community. The other principles are essentially rules of community life. So it is about equality between men and women, universal education, the disappearance of extreme wealth and poverty [and] the search for a balance between science, religion and reason...'

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