North America Join/Form new Ruhi group & continue education

Mar 2020
Miami, FL
Hello all and happy Naw'Ruz,

I have just started learning of the Baha'i faith, teachings and community recently. I met some people from my nearby local Baha'i center (in Miami, FL), and had a chance to visit another Baha'i center when I visited family in LA. I am not sure how to continue to learn of the faith and integrate myself with it - however I gather that a great way to do this would be to participate in a study group that meets regularly (i.e. weekly) to read the Ruhi books and then interpret and discuss the teachings. I was fortunate enough to see and participate with one such group in LA. I hope to embark on this spiritual education with individuals that find themselves in similar walks of life, i.e. relatively new to the faith, as well as in similar points in life that could relate with the challenges I face at my age. I am 23 years old, a senior in college, at Umiami. Such a group hopefully could also be given guidance by more established and knowledgeable individuals from the local community. If you happen to know any such groups in the South Florida area, please let me know so I can contact them - and if not, but you do happen to know individuals that could be interested, please also let me know as I might just as well be interested in setting up a new group. I will contact my local community as well with the same request.
On a separate, but related note, if you have any advice or recommendations on what resources to start reading and perhaps other small ways I can start learning and implementing Baha'i prayer and lifestyle in my life, please do tell.


Agustin Ferreira


Mar 2013
Edwardsville, Illinois, USA
Hi, Augustin, welcome!

We are in strange times now with the coronavirus lockdown, and many Baha’i communities are limiting in person meetings. There are a lot of online resources available, such as:

But, it’s best to interact with your local community and there are fairly strong communities in South Florida. They may be using collaboration apps for meetings currently as well.