la Esperanto diskuto

Mar 2013
"la amo kaj penado metitaj en Esperanton ne estos perditaj ." -Abdu'l Baha.

Saluton, mi estas Noogan. :cool:

Mi ne parolas esperanto tre bone, sed mi volas provi. Estas milionoj de Baha'i, kaj plej ne parolas anglan. Ni povus provi Esperanton?

Ni povas teni cxi diskuto gxentila kaj simpla. Cxiu provas paroli.

ligas lerni: Free Esperanto Course

Bahaa Esperanto Ligo: Bahaa Esperanto-Ligo (BEL)

Google Translate estas bona kun esperanto.

Apr 2011
On average how long does it take to learn Esperanto on a conversational level?
Mar 2013
varias . semajnoj au monatoj .

(It varies. Weeks or months. )
switching to English:
Esperanto has an extremely simple vocabulary and all grammar rules are absolute. Once you know those ground rules, the rest is vocabulary. I am rusty as I have no one to talk to in it. but it occurs to me. There are more Baha'i in places like Congo than in North America perhaps, not to mention countries with large Baha'i populations like India, or places where people are obviously interested but maybe not on the rolls (for instance 北京). They may know a little English, but Esperanto is very neutral, and easy to learn. So maybe this can be a thread mostly in Esperanto. We can start simply.

By the way, ni means "us" in Esperanto, so it is not so far off.

My children speak Mandarin, a little, and they remarked to me, that it is very nice how it builds off of smaller words. Esperanto is somewhat like that. For instance:

malo means opposite (noun)
bono means good (noun)
malbono means opposite-of-good {or bad. I am told Chinese has no root for for bad, either}
malbone, and bone are both adjective forms of the same root.

suffix changes can alter words so greatly that it allows one to have a small vocabulary and converse freely. )

Mi konas kelkajn vortojn . sed estas suficxe bona .
Dec 2013
Little Rock, Ar
Mi parolas esperanton, sed ne bone.
For this reason, I'll use English for the time being. I can read Esperanto very well, though, so, please, use it with me all you like. I'm currently using DuoLingo's Esperanto course to freshen up on la internacia lingvo, because it's easier to use on my phone than the excellent Lernu course. I suggest either - or, ideally, both - for anyone wishing to learn the language.
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