Mani the Persian Prophet

Aug 2014
Blue Planet
WOW. thanks a lot everyone for the excellent quotes and the great help.
I do believe that what Mani said regarding the evil nature of the world, should not be read superficially; like what Buddha says about death and rebirth should not be. and I personally have a great liking for Mani; maybe because of his peaceful character, maybe because of his teachings and maybe because of the tragic way he was martyred. It was a well known religion from Africa to China for 800 years, but little by little, all the followers were killed.

I read that Mani believes he is the "Paraclete" mentioned in the bible. this is kinda believable to me. Muslims believe that Mohammad is the Paraclete but the signs support Mani more than Mohammad. I don't think Paraclete was a direct reference to the Major Prophet after Jesus.

Anyway, I am so thankful for all the contribution. even if Mani was not a minor prophet or anything, his words are full of peace and kindness.
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