Martyrdom of the Bab July 9th-10th

Jun 2006
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Martyrdom of the Bab

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Christopher Buck wrote:

"At noon, the Ba ´b and Anı ´s were brought out into the barracks square, and, bound by ropes, suspended from a spike driven into the wall of the barracks. The surrounding rooftops were thronged with an estimated 10,000 onlookers. The Russian Armenian Sa ´m Kha ´n commanded the Christian Baha ´dura ´n Regiment, which was ordered to carry out the execution. Although accounts of the Ba ´b’s execution vary in details, all agree that, after thick smoke—from the volley of 750 muskets—had cleared, the Ba ´b had vanished, with Anı ´s standing before the astonished multitude, unhurt. The Ba ´b’s escape from the first volley of musket fire is beyond doubt, as his ropes were cut by the shots. One witness to this extraordinary event, Sir Justin Shiel, Queen Victoria’s Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary, in Tehran on July 22, 1850, records:
The founder of this sect has been executed at Tabreez. He was killed by a volley of musketry, and his death was on the point of giving his religion a lustre which would have largely increased his proselytes. When the smoke and dust cleared away after the volley, Ba ´b was not to be seen, and the populace proclaimed that he had ascended to the skies. The balls had broken the ropes by which he was bound, but he was dragged from the recess where after some search he was discovered and shot. His death, according to the belief of his disciples, will make no difference as Ba ´b must always exist. (Momen, The Ba ´bı ´ and Baha ´’ı ´ Religions, 1844–1944, 78)
A frantic search ensued, and the Ba ´b was found back in his cell, evidently completing dictation to his secretary that was earlier interrupted. Soldiers swiftly cleared the barracks square, and the Ba ´b was once more suspended by ropes for execution, with Anı ´s placed in front of the Ba ´b. But Sa ´m Kha ´n refused to order his troops to fire again and so the Muslim Na ´dirı ´ Regiment was summoned. On the second attempt, the Ba ´b and Anı ´s were instantly killed. Their bodies, in fact, were fused together by the sheer number of bullets that struck them."

Báb, Martyrdom of the (July 9)
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