Mashup poems

Aug 2017
I decided to try something new by mashing up pop songs or other non-faith songs with scripture. I used my words only to improve the flow or verb tense.
This is Psalm 119/Ghost Town by Adam Lambert

Died last night in my dreams,
Hot indignation seizes me,
Walking the streets of some old ghost town,
The cords of the wicked ensnare me.
I tried to believe,
your Law is true,
But Hollywood sold out.

I saw all of the saints lock up the gates,
I rise before dawn and cry for help,
I could not enter
I meditated on your promise
And walked into the flames
Calling your name
I hoped in your words
But there was no answer
And now I know my heart is a ghost town.

All the machines have been disconnected
Yet. Thru your precepts I get understanding
Time was thrown at the wind
But I have sworn an oath and confirmed it
All of my friends have been disaffected
Still I will keep your righteous rules
Now I’m searching for trust
Thy word is a lamp unto my feet
In a city of rust
And it’s a light unto my path
In A city of vampires
Tonight Elvis is dead
But I do not forgot your Law
Everyone’s afraid Love is a satire
But I hope in your word.
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