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Jun 2006
Date: Thu 04/30/09

In two weeks, the Wilmette Institute launches a rerun of its popular
course "Christianity for Deepening and Dialogue." The purpose of the
course, as the title makes clear, is to help Baha'is understand many of
the basics of Christianity, not only so they can dialogue with
Christians about religion, but understand the Baha'i teachings better.

Led by Daniel Grolin, author of the George Ronald book *Jesus and Early
Christianity in the Gospels,* the course will explore major themes from
the Gospels that form part of Christian belief: conceptions of God,
ritual practices, faith in miracles, the saving power of the cross, and
hope for the final resurrection. It will also cover politics and
religion. Using both Bahá'í and academic perspectives, the course will
examine the themes in the Gospels' original context and then explore
them in their modern forms.

Ted Brownstein, a Baha'i with a Masters degree in Biblical Studies, and
Helen Wilson, a veteran Wilmette Institute faculty member, are the other
two faculty.

Extensively reorganized, this new version of the on-line course starts
May 15 and ends Aug. 15, with a two month grace period to complete work.
The course is designed for Baha'is and therefore may not be as
appropriate for others.

Tuition: $150 for individuals; $120 for senior citizens (65 and older),
university students (full time), pioneers (international and home
front). Financial aid, in the form of partial scholarships, is available
to individuals. $300 for groups (2-12 members). Course registration
closes two weeks after the course begins.

"Engaging a broad and diverse community of learners in an in-depth study
of the Baha'i Faith"
877-wilmette (877-945-6388) (toll free)
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