nostradamus Prophecies?

Sep 2010
Normanton, Far North West Queensland
can anybody share links of nostradamus Prophecies for bahai faith?

In my study of this Faith I have not come upon any material that has come from Nostradamus that comes to mind.

I did note in a quick search with the keywords of Nostradamus and Baha'i, that many a link returned were references to anti Baha'i or Covernant Breaker sites which may have references.

Given that is the case, I would advise this is a path not to be pursued.

Baha'i, Bible and Koran Prophecy is worthy of study. Being knowledgeable in these topics would be benificial.

Regards Tony
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Jun 2014
Nostradamus has always seemed a little too vague to me.

Maybe the Baha'i prophecies have made my standards too high, though.

I mean after reading something like "within two years a spark will rise from the Balkans and set the whole world on fire" from 'Abdu'l Baha, which outlines clear times and locations and worldwide implications, the comparatively vague prophecies of Nostradamus just don't seem as impressive to me. :p
Nov 2015
I think that was Nostradamus's method. They sounded extremely vague so that they could be applied to various situations. They are so vague that they could be fulfilled in many different ways, even if the intent he personally made them for didn't pan out.

Basically in my opinion he made them so vague so that it'd be hard to say they did or didn't come true.
Jun 2009
I agree, his prophesies were very vague, an art mastered by the best horoscope writers of today!

I haven't read anything by Nostrodamus for some years but recall reading that he was searching for a way to change base metals into gold and that some of his writings may also be his encoded formulae on how one may do this. I personally doubt he cracked that riddle either.