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What is your view of occultism, freemasonry, tarot cards, psychics, LaVeyanism, etcetera?
Occultism has kind of become a generic catch-all term and is frustratingly often thrown in with horror movies and other kids of absurd fictions.
But to answer the question:

Esotericism (the deepest strand of occultism) is a wonderful part of all religion and in some cases has sparked it's own 'religions'.

Freemasonry - is an esoteric Initiatory order influenced by the Temple of Soloman is (like many Occult traditions) inspired by ancient Egypt and the Bible (so you could call it Christian-based)
Tarot Cards - are divination (like the Taoist I-Ching, rolling dice and so forth). I don't have much use for them myself and depending on the tradition in question, their purpose and significance will change. Some believe they are supernatural, others believe they are psychological/archetypal tools (in a Jungian manner of synchronicity)
Psychics - are kind of in the New Thought/New Age area, not my expertise but I can't say I have a positive view of them (I think they're just scammers)
LaVey - was a man after attention, I don't like Satanism and I don't have any superstitions either. It's atheism intended to offend the more sensitive type of Christians. None of what he had to say was original or benefits me in any way. Plus, he started the whole perversion of the use of the Hindu term "Left Hand Path", into an ideological slang for 'I think for myself and don't bow to no god' :rolleyes:

Now continuing past your list:

Eliphas Levi - Fantastic Christian occultist who brought many tools and revived the whole Western occult tradition (which was pretty dull at the time), not alot else to say. He was a very pious Christian, which is very ironic when he is the one who drew the most famous depiction of Baphomet (which was later hijacked by Satanists)
Blavatsky/Theosophy - was a important figure in bringing together the Western and Eastern religious and spiritual tradition. She had the notion of uniting science, religion and philosophy. Many of her ideas where right on point but consequently many of them where a bit inaccurate. Her classics "The Secret Doctrine" and "The Voice Of The Silence" are both great and offer much thought to complex connections between symbology etc within religions, and the path to attainment, respectively.
Crowley/Thelema - Like Blavatsky, he did a lot to unite the Western and Eastern spiritual and religious worlds. His body of work is a great resource and the scripture he received from an angel "Liber AL Vel Legis" is a stunning text that outlines many Hindu and Kabbalistic principles of existence and God. He's quite a misunderstood figure (by his followers too) that was a genius but also not quite the best guy around either. He is often portrayed (and even claimed by) as a Satanist but his work (aside from his controversies) is quite contrary. He belongs in the category of Hermetic/Gnostic/trans-Hindu/post-Theosophy.
Essentially his whole work is a revival of three things: Vedic Magic, Tantra and the Ancient Mystery Religions.

Getting less in-detail, the Occult world is huge.

Hinduism and Christianity, within semantic consideration - would be considered "Occult", or at least "esoteric" and "mystic".

In my religion of Islam, we've got Sufism (which sometimes shares Occult aspects) and various Gnostic branches of Shia. Even Taoism has Magical traditions.
Ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Persia, Maya, all have major influences on strands of Occultism.

Really, after a while you realize you are looking at the underside - or the clockwork behind many religions.

Other aspects associated with Modern Occultism (like Wicca and Neo-Paganism) are more debatable to whether they are truly "Occult" and Wicca (or "Witchcraft") isn't usually taken seriously in Occult communities.

Horror, demon-summoning, ritual sacrifice and so forth is another topic and not part of the same general conversation (but is all part of the same fold of religion/spirituality/occultism/magic/mysticism)
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What I have found is that the little voice of Self inside is very hideous and persistent and still trying to shake it off, it is some horseman!
that 'little voice' is a gift, cherish it, for it is a great teacher if approached properly.

"Were it not for the cold, how would the heat of Thy words prevail?"
Dec 2018
Baha’u’llah & “The Subject of Boys” | Baha'i Rants

Baha'u'llah Condems pedophilia and the kind of covert homosexual gay perversion that goes on in Persian and other Middle Eastern Aristocracy.

shrink, for very shame, from treating of the subject of
boys. Fear ye the Merciful, O peoples of the world!
Commit not that which is forbidden you in Our Holy
Tablet, and be not of those who rove distractedly in the
wilderness of their desires. 59

(Baha'u'llah, The Kitab-i-Aqdas, p. 58) "
You can hear audio of an old Hand of the Cause of God appointed by the Beloved Guardian describing "Shrink in Shame" for the sickness it is:

but the entire Western Culture IS INFESTED with this Disease at least as bad:

Its a weird system based on King Solomon's style of manipulation and a lot of wickedness from someone Reviled as "The Wickedest Man in the World" with a legacy of promoting ritual child sexual abuse and murder sacrafices.
He was a spoiled rich brat pervert.

you really are fake Bahai if you're on a Local Spiritual Assembly and you fail to demand your Bahai community sever all affiliation with free masonry given their latent veneration for Aleister Crowley and there legacy of being a den of pedophile enabling psychopaths at best, if not active participants in raping children.
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Dec 2018
1388. Bahá'ís Requested to Withdraw from Masonic and other Secret Societies

"As regards your question about Masonry, the Bahá'ís, the Guardian feels very strongly, must learn at the present time to think internationally and not locally. Although each believer realizes that he is a member of one great spiritual family, a member of the New World Order of Bahá'u'lláh, he does not often carry this thought through to its logical conclusion; which is that if the Bahá'ís all over the world each belong to some different kind of society or church or political party, the unity of the Faith will be destroyed; because inevitably they will become involved in doctrines and policies that are in some way against our Teachings, and often against another group of people in another part of the world, or another race, or another religious block.

"Therefore, all the Bahá'ís everywhere have been urged to give up their old affiliations and withdraw from membership in the Masonic and other secret Societies in order to be entirely free to serve the Faith of Bahá'u'lláh as a united Body. Such groups as Masonry, however high the local standard may be, are in other countries gradually being influenced by the issues sundering the nations at present.

"The Guardian wants the Bahá'ís to disentangle themselves from anything that 422 may in any way now or in the future, compromise their independent status as Bahá'ís and the supra- national nature of their Faith."

(From a letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual believer, February 17, 1956)

(Compilations, Lights of Guidance, p. 421)
Sep 2019
Waterloo, ontario
How freely do Bahai accept someone into their family who is not if the same faith? I am 52 and have fallen in love with a Bahai man who is 32, will I be accepted into his FAMILY?
Jul 2018
Tarshish, bound for Nineveh
How freely do Bahai accept someone into their family who is not if the same faith? I am 52 and have fallen in love with a Bahai man who is 32, will I be accepted into his FAMILY?
Hi Gelmokr,

This is a very good question that I know is probably asked by any person joining a family that practices a different and unfamiliar faith than their own. Luckily, you will not have any difficulties at all with Bahais who will most certainly welcome you regardless of your faith, since this is in fact, one of the faith's teachings, to associate with loving kindness to peoples of all faiths. I have known many families like this, so I am can assure you from experience that you will be just fine.