Ocean Baha'i Library and Mobile Devices


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Mar 2006
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Anyone use Ocean? If so, don't you think it would be awesome to have it on a phone?

I just got a blackberry and am realizing how useful they are - and if I could get Ocean on it I'd explode!


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Mar 2006
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I imagine it would be easy to develop some sort of ocean-like software that would work with the blackberry.

Then you'd have all the writings in your pocket, accessable at all times!
Sep 2011
Wow. These postings are old! And yet no mobile devices version of Ocean Library. It is such a great tool! I use Ocean for English and Spanish. Wish there was an android version.
Aug 2011
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Wow. These postings are old! And yet no mobile devices version of Ocean Library. It is such a great tool! I use Ocean for English and Spanish. Wish there was an android version.
In my slow ways, an total lack of programming knowledge, been giving this some thought. The data its on your PC, I can't remember the total size of ocean, need to look, but might be too much data for a phone memory without an extra as card.

I was thinking pig how to pull out the volumes that I want on hand and try to put each volume on google docs. Also going to look for free software to make a digital book such as would run on kindle for example.

Just throwing some of my thoughts out there.
Jun 2006
Some updated information:

While this is an old thread I thought I'd add a few things so that anyone can download some important applications on your computer or i-phone, etc.

There is an online site for "Ocean"

Ocean - Free Library of World's Religious Literature | Baha'i Education

where you can download "Ocean" for free and it now has a Mac Ocean App.

There's also an "Interfaith Explorer" App for i-phones that I've found works well.

It can be found in App Store ...

also they have an online site at

Interfaith Explorer: Software for iPhone, iPad, Android, Web and Windows PC

You can enter a word and it will search in Baha'i, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Taos, Buddhism and Zoroastrian Writings in several languages...
Jan 2013
You can get all of the Ocean library (apart from a few copyrighted books) on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch by getting the app GoodReader, and then assuming you have Ocean on your PC, you just connect to GoodReader for wireless transfer (steps 4-6 of goodreader.com :: products :: GoodReader :: Manual :: WiFi), and copy all the text files from the library folder of Ocean onto GoodReader. Then you have all of the Baha'i Writings, any other religious writings you want, and most of the other Baha'i books on your iPhone to read whenever you like. You can search in each book and use bookmarks as well.

I'm pretty certain you could do the same on Android by just copying the library into a folder and then using Cool Reader (or something similar) to read the books from there.
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Oct 2011
Has anyone tried Interfaith Explorer?
It also can be downloaded for free

To my knowledge Ocean is not and has not been updated for some time.
Mar 2010
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To my knowledge Ocean ... has not been updated for some time.
That may well be the case, bur for the record, there's also an ongoing Online Baha'i Library Project which is constantly proofreading, editing, and preparing Baha'i books for online release in multiple languates (both scripture and works about the Faith). I'm one of the folks working on this and have already prepared on a couple dozen books myself. :)

For example, some of the books currently being worked on in English include:
  • 'Abdu'l-Baha in London
  • 'Abdu'l-Baha in Canada
  • The Covenant and Administration
  • A Concise Encyclopedia of the Baha'i Faith
  • Dawn Over Mt. Hira
  • Hour of the Dawn--The Life of the Bab
  • Making the Crooked Straight
  • Martha Root: Herald of the Kingdom
  • Studies of Babi-Baha'i History
  • Scripture and Revelation--Irfan Papers
  • The Flame
  • To Move the World
  • Tahirih the Pure
  • The Wine of Astonishment

There are parallel projects for books in Spanish, Persian, Arabic, and other languages.

(Those interested in becoming part of this and furthering the work--in whatever language--should contact me directly, and I'll pass your name and email address <which plese include> on to the coordinator.)

Regards, :)