On the eve of the World Cup...

Jun 2006
I just came across a news item on the eve of the World Cup events in Brazil.. that Dilma Rousseff the President of Brazil has asked for a statement from the House of Justice to promote world peace and harmony...The House responded June 6, 2014 to the request in the following statement which reads in part:

"Truly, nothing is more striking about this extraordinary footballing spectacle than its capacity to reflect the global culture that has emerged in this age. And in summoning togetehr the nations in friendship, it powerfully suggests that collaboration and common endeavor are possible in all things..."

The complete statement is found at

http://news.bahai.org/sites/news.ba...ssage From The Universal House of Justice.pdf
Jun 2014
United States
I hope they also make a statement that it is deplorable to be spending billions on a sporting event and security for such when Brazil has terrible poverty.
Mar 2013
They were asked for a message to "promote world peace and harmony" and they did so eloquently.

They were not asked to meddle in the internal socio-economic political affairs of a nation, and they would not have, nevertheless.

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