Philosophical questions about faith, nature vs nurture, judgement

Dec 2011
Orange County, CA
Assuming acceptance of Baha’i theology/Writings...

1. If I pray for someone, that person gets some benefit. However, if I don’t pray for a person, no benefit goes to that person. But if God is just, how can He allow one person to be “given” more bounties than another despite not having made any effort on their own?

With reference to recognition of the Manifestation, He says that the faith of each person is dependent on only themselves, therefore a prayer from someone else should technically not affect whether a person develops faith.

2. If the family of Baha’u’llah who were born to certain parents were statistically at higher risk of becoming Covenant-Breakers, but those born to Navaab were all faithful, then it questions the existence of free will. And the disease of Covenant breaking therefore results in effects on one’s faithfulness. Being born to covenant breakers truly disadvantages you, which doesn’t seem just or fair.

Thank you for your insights.
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