Playthings of the ignorant

Jun 2014
In this context: "The choice of clothing and the cut of the beard and its dressing are left to the discretion of men. But beware, O people, lest ye make yourselves the playthings of the ignorant."??
Sep 2010
Aug 2014
Blue Planet
This to me would be that if you had he gift of Message of Baha'u'llah to share and you were to go to extremes in dress and grooming, you would shut the door to many conversations.

Thus I post this picture and ask the question, how easy would it be to have the required conversations if you chose this as your appearance?

Regards Tony
GOOOODDDDDD :surprised::surprised::surprised:
Jun 2014
My guess would be following ridiculous fashion trends or the like. Wearing something not because you want to but because other people want you to look that way.