Possession by presumed evil

Nov 2019
Wales, UK

A male friend tried to make our relationship sexual without permission
And i could see a dark energy/spirit in him mocking my suffering

My friend rang in crisis, hours later she looked a bit darker, her eyes wide
And bulging and started lashing her tongue in the air to try and alarm me.
Something out of the exorcis t! Then i was deceived into leaving, as soon
As i left a huge urge to jump off a bridge came, she struggled and managed
To choose not to jump but a stranger tried to grab her so she jumped.
I felt horrendous thinking my disbelief prevented me from keeping her safe.
Thankfully she survived.

then My mum looked possessed, i just cleaned the house for her with bleach
And prayers whilst she was ill and for no reason she said "you have defeated me"

I didn't get it?

Then my dad looked possessed by a black energetic presence of darkness
And he sang a song to me about driving me psychotic

I took up the challenge to overcome psychosis in retort

Then i was in a physical hospital and i thought something(s) desired
To kill me, i waited a number of hours to be killed then a patient struggling
For breath looked at me and i felt energy from her eyes trying to connect
To me, so she could pass death on to me and thus kill me. I left.

At this point i was placed on antipsychotics and could no longer perceive
Energy and stuff that was probably psychic realm?...

But, people were acting out of character and i presumed that they must have
Been possessed.

Someone over the internet messaged me saying they had spent many months
Meditating to connect with me so they could have sex... The physical body
Was someone i knew, but the conversation was mind blowing amazing
I tried to talk to him after that and he denied the conversation completely
And has not talked in such an entertaining way since.
Days before this conversation i did indeed have a weird week with unseen
Voices, music, presences telling off other presences, and i actually feel
Like a telepathic male presence healed my sexuality so that i could
Move on with my life following trauma and find a partner.
So to then have someone in reality contact me to say it was them
And that it was God's will i had sex with him...
But i denied the possibility of possession and stuck with reality that
This was a married man, so i said all the religions that said adultery
Was forbidden. He threatened me with consequences saying for the
First time in x years The forces of good and evil were out of balance
And that things were going to happen to me as a result of refusing
Sex with a married man.
Then something happened later on where i was reminded of
Something and i was powerfully struck down with unbearable sickness
And started praying to God for healing energetically.

I'm just not convinced that the married man was the one talking to me.
But something using him.

At the same time of this really intense week in my home, my friends
Seemed possessed and people knew what was happening to me
Even though i didn't tell them.

I felt like what ever it was had complete control of my life.

For example, i was bored waiting for something to happen in my
Living room, so i went to tidy the hall.
Immediately the phone rings and i see my dad marching towards the
Front door, he sees me through the window in my door, the phone
Immediately stops ringing and My dad doesn't visit but leaves without
Knocking (weird?) Then i hear a female voice from living room saying
"Come back" so i went back, and there a lot happened that resulted
In huge progress in my rrecovery from trauma.

But as you can see, what ever wanted to talk to me, was able to
Immediately bring someone to the door to look for me and what?
Stop me, and ring my phone to talk to me. And once it saw me
Through my dad's eyes that i was still in the house, asked me
To return to the lounge to continue the interaction.

I was suicidal one summer and My father figure friend looked
Possessed telling me he'd probably live to be a hundred, and telling
Me a story of a bahai who tried to commit suicide and how he failed.st
I was told that any of our attempts to suicide would fail too.
After that the unseen being demanded my company, my hamsters
Were also moved to attention too. I felt hungry and went to make soup
And there was soup already in the microwave. It made me soup?
I returned to his company only to find the gym ball on the sofa now
I burst out laughing leaving the room, immediately the phone rang
Asking me why i had left the room and i explained that it reminded
Me of castaway where he talks to Wilson the football.

We communicated via thinking, then i ate the soup, suddenly
My tv started showing shows all about healthy new attitudes
Emerging in the world towards rape. This cheered me up
No end to think this was improving or would emerge in the future.
Other stuff happened to cheer me up too.

My partner for no reason threatened to punch me saying
God didn't protect you then, i assumed he was possessed? The
Meds blinded me so...

His daughter looked possessed barging into our room at midnight
About to rip the duvet off me before stopping, trying to get permission
To walk the streets in the middle of the night, then dawn
I shook hands at that, "dawn take you all?" Aka Gandalf Lord of rings
To the possessing entity, it agreed. At some point she shouted
"I control the weather"
The next day the parents picked up their kid saying in awe something
Had happened in my home at night. Large black feathers and small
White feathers were on the ground my partner said "don't be thinking
Of angels and demons fighting"
Well not until you said that anyway!

Then i wanted to help a cat i still desire to do good, he said he'd batter
My desire to do good out of me, asking me to be bait for the evil team.

Then in my neighbourhood evil seemed every where, i could barely
Understand what was said but it was duck will eat pig...

I was then asked to rescue a duck, succeed, then say because we did
This we had the opportunity to be forgiven


Wow, nothing since? Possession wise

But i think after this i had had an unseen being in the corner the dog
As frantic to be with it starting a t it, this convinced my friend to
Convert to a belief in God and say the prayer.

I asked the unseen spirit to rescue me from the darkness that wished
To destroy the moon and drag me to a new location to be with the beast
At this request a tear appeared on my sofa from no where

The next day i felt an evil presence at the door filling my home
It was scary, later i behaved a bit crazy got locked up
Then at tribunal for first time ever the women in charge said the
Mental health team were to let me go with instructions not to bother
In future. Later i was able to convince them never to send me there again
After ignoring instructions previously

I thank the spirit for achieving this in my life

What do you think? My lower nature?
Hi everyone following this post

I consulted a psychic who sees no evil spirits in this situation
And i found out that it is possible to hallucinate conversations.
Though I am a bit psychic and need to close down.

So i talked to my psychiatrist and he said i have ptsd from
Forgotten childhood trauma, and seeing an evil dark raping
Spirit possessing someone was a delusion/hallucination
Caused by my brain expressing trauma. So no one else
Experiences my hallucinations as they aren't happening
In physical reality, nor do the people i know all have
Dissociated evil parts messing with me. It is a product
of my mind caused by trauma.

If anyone else is struggling with this i would suggest
Asking your Dr for help. Unless you live where they
dont understand these things and harm "the witch"
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