Practical Mysticism of Baha'i

Mar 2013
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I think that practical mysticism stems from the recognition of the connectedness of all things, which results from the unity of all things. All things are connected, which means practical things are connected to esoteric things. You can ignore the esoteric and focus on the practical, but ignoring something doesn't mean it's not there. Or you can ignore the practical and focus on the esoteric, but that is not a good idea, and bad things can result from it. Or, we can acknowledge that practical things in our everyday lives all have spiritual connections and implications, and spiritual forces of the Heavenly Kingdom are constantly at work all around us and through us. We can channel and reflect these spiritual forces from God for practical effect, by putting our faith into action.
Aug 2017
JCC, that's well put. That's why do things like ritual ablation because the physical washing has a spiritual effect. Same with words and postures in prayer.

Looking back at my original post, it's amazing how much studying the Writings has given me faith. I was pretty skeptical when I wrote that but the more I pray the prayers the more I'm learning to trust and hope. Faith is a wonderous gift from God.
Oct 2014
And then there is so much to learn from the life of Abdu'l-Bahá. He wasn't just kind to everyone. Some people were just not up to His standards. I remember His comment on the Persian Crown Prince: "Ashes" - that is, something aboslutely worthless, a waste of space.

Food for thought



Aug 2017
Gnat thanks!

I think even the behavior of Baha'is that I've met can teach me a lot. I've felt you all are very welcoming. It's been a wonderful gift to receive. I need to consider how I can be more welcoming to people in my life.

Oct 2017
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A joy to meet with your acquaintance, again. We have spoken in another Baha'i forum, including a PM.

Having perused this thread, it is clear to me that you have been diligent as a seeker and arrived at the recognition of He Who is the Manifestation of God in this Day, as He is the Ancient of Days, the Glory of God, Baha'u'llah.

This is the uppermost fruit upon the Most Ancient Tree, as related by your study of Kabalah (KBLH). The mystic wayfarer, through the Bounty and Grace of God, being lead to the Primal Point (the Gate of God - the Bab), the Qiblih (QBLH) of the aspirant, may then be admitted to the Garden (Valley) of Ridvan (Paradise) to recognize the Manifestation (Baha'u'llah) in this Day.

The mystic wayfarer with a growing spirit of faith, continues in life, becoming a knower having one foot in Heaven and one foot on Earth; a practical mystic in the Baha'i Faith.

The unity and harmony evolves, manifesting on Earth, as the mystical reality takes form in the Kingdom of Earth through the actions of His devoted believers.

This harmony, as may progress by the unity of science and religion, may be acknowledged in a marriage of natural and the divine. These two kinds of science are the two wings of the bird. Progress depends on the comprehension and utilization of such a unity, as defined by 'Abdu'l-Baha in The Promulgation of Universal Peace, pg. 138.

Love and Light,
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Aug 2017

Thanks. I’ve been struggling lately with faith and my pride. God has been gracious and kind to me and showed me the errors of my ways.

I love this passage in the Quran where Satan speaks to God after the fall,

39:15:He said, ‘My Lord! Since You have condemned me as astray (and erring), I will surely make (evil of straying from the straight path) fair-seeming to them (as long as they stay) on the earth; I shall seduce them all,
40:15:‘Except your (sincere) servants from among them; (Your) chosen and purified ones, (whom I shall not be able to seduce).’
41:15 (Lord) said, ‘The path (that My sincere servants follow) leads straight to Me.
Surrah 15:39-41
Jul 2017
Olympia, WA, USA

I’ve been struggling lately with faith and my pride. God has been gracious and kind to me and showed me the errors of my ways.
Good to SEE you again.... :D

I have not been coming around this forum much lately because I have been too busy on other forums talking to Jews, Christians, and nonbelievers of various kinds.....but once in a while I have to come here to get my bearings, not that I ever have any doubt that God exists or that Baha’u’llah was who He claimed to be. :)

I have also been struggling lately with faith. I think that God has been gracious and kind to me and showed me the errors of my ways, but I am never quite sure if God does anything, which is one way I lack faith.

Speaking of doubt.... why do I have any doubts?

“Say: Is there any doubt concerning God? Behold how He hath come down from the heaven of His grace, girded with power and invested with sovereignty. Is there any doubt concerning His signs? Open ye your eyes, and consider His clear evidence. Paradise is on your right hand, and hath been brought nigh unto you, while Hell hath been made to blaze. Witness its devouring flame. Haste ye to enter into Paradise, as a token of Our mercy unto you, and drink ye from the hands of the All-Merciful the Wine that is life indeed.

Drink with healthy relish, O people of Bahá. Ye are indeed they with whom it shall be well. This is what they who have near access to God have attained. This is the flowing water ye were promised in the Qur’án, and later in the Bayán, as a recompense from your Lord, the God of Mercy. Blessed are they that quaff it.

O My servant that hath turned thy face towards Me! Render thanks unto God for having sent down unto thee this Tablet in this Prison, that thou mayest remind the people of the days of thy Lord, the All-Glorious, the All-Knowing. Thus have We established for thee, through the waters of Our wisdom and utterance, the foundations of thy belief. This, verily, is the water whereon the Throne of thy Lord hath been raised. “His Throne had stood upon the waters.” Ponder this in thine heart, that thou mayest comprehend its meaning. Say: Praise be to God, the Lord of all worlds.”
Gleanings From the Writings of Bahá’u’lláh, pp. 45-46

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