Prayer Advice?

Jul 2017
Olympia, WA, USA
I could add that I very seldom read a special prayer for a particular purpose. My experience is that if you stay tuned in, you automatically find the right way. Saying fervent prayers for a special purpose often leads to obsession with that purpose.

And, after all, one is just a

Above you said: "To tell you the truth, all that religious stuff has been hard for me to take in. After some 40-odd years as a Bahá'í, I find myself relatively happily settled with saying the short obligatory prayer and the 95 repetitions of the Greatest Name."
I wanted to reply to that but my life was spiraling out of control so I did not have time... I resolved one big issue today so now I am back.

I could have just as easily written what you wrote. Religious stuff has never been easy for me to take in because I was not raised in a religious family. I have been a Bahai for 48 years but I am lucky to remember the short obligatory prayer and I never do the 95. I only found out that was a requirement from Duane this year so I figure I am hopelessly lost now. :(

In the past I used to say prayers for particular purposes like assistance but I never do that anymore. I do say the Remover of Difficulties and God Sufficeth all things prayers of the Bab for about 45 minutes on my way to work on my bike in the morning or if I am out walking. I just need help, as much as I can get. I trust that God knows what it is i need so I never ask for anything in particular. The notable exception is when I have lost a cat and cannot find him or her... In that case, I say Remover of Difficulties nonstop. So far, the cat has always turned up, but it usually takes a long time. I usually attribute that to God answering the prayers; although I cannot say that was why, i need to give God all the credit I can given my attitude towards God is not always as it should be. :rolleyes:

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