Prayers for out friend in Ukraine. . .

Dec 2012
North America
Three years ago, I attended an annual Baha'i Summer School in Budapest, Hungary. There were may dear friends I had the privilege of acquainting myself to while I was there and many had traveled from Ukraine. One friend I became so attached to that we still have contact via social networking and I fear for his safety because he lives in the Crimean region of the country.

I would ask my dear friends on this forum and my family and physical friends to pray for the safety of not only the Baha'is in Ukraine but as well as the Ukrainian people who wish only for peace and nonviolence to spread across their country.

I wish for the killings and violence to stop. God bless the people of Ukraine and our dear friends there.
Jul 2011
n ireland
I fear this situation may have dire consequences and I pray it does not escalate and become international
Mar 2013
All we call news is more or less from the agneices : afp, ap, reuters.

That news to call it journalism, research and investigation, is lost and gone. It was sold and in that media became just a repeater of news agencies.

So media shows nothing, it shows noise that shows something but its not to inform its to form. Its nothing, and nothing just can't be changed since its nothing. It keeps the mind, the body and the soul out the minding and interfernce - its what I tried to tell.

Russia is alarmed, and the media show nothing, so it is unknown to russia, but its a threat in the movement towards russia, so it would have a reason to send soldiers to investigate. While its than the russian troops to be that invasion, that was to investigation...

This is the basic of how to make a world war. To hide the making .. and the reason how it could happen. It would otherwise prevent the state based and controlled war outbreak, since people would mind and think .. but the fast forward and instant breakout, it is easier to mobilize.

So it is that other that come - that what may be the difference. I just remind, its much already to jsut care and mind and speak that you cant and want... to see and reject to see not what hides.
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Jan 2014
We've been watching the escalating violence unfold on telly for weeks now (BBC mostly) and it is devastating.

I hope the matter is resolved quickly and peacefully. And I am happy to pray for your friends!
Mar 2013
This is to keep present
the right shift in europe :

And its extreme right wing, that the riots towards.

It's in that a block of right wing countries. Ukraine is between. Or it was.

We have a 1914 situation. The balkan wars that have been in preview. to First World War are like the conflicts in in the Middle East as the african continant recently the northern states. 1

Germany is just im theory not extreme right. The influence of the one media to europe is massive. Its seems to just work. People are forced out of there homes, its gypsies, and its like that from 1933. Its dirt, lazy and scum. And what drawns in the mediteraneean sea is just .. 400 who cares... Homeless are prey... its a silent haunting mabe. But they are im danger. Its impossible to write a nice comment to a topic that have the "nazi" like style to media. Its a show. Its out of free speech. As its defining. So its increasing numbers of houses burn. Family dies in the fire. Disabled People burn probably in the same thought.

And this is just germany.

It's may just some hundreds, thousands - but its this point, that pass and it may be that or millions, that die in what for nothing.

These have been a barrier against the exploited and indirect rule or in last decades in the terrorist camps. Since the US stopped this expensive adventure. So its a result, the paid rule is unpaid, that leaves vaccant space , a unfulled power instance. The result was that the northern african countries became part of that change, as the whole ideocracy.
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