Oct 2013
Glenwood, Queensland, Australia
Good morning friends

Among my interests is computing, and I subscribe to a number of RSS feeds. This one came in today:

On presentation tools | Aurélien's Room

Short, mostly computing, but there is a section in the middle which bears some attention:


My path to coping with heart-stopping stage-fright is to focus NOT on what I do but on what they experience. And since I'm a software developer, I'll think of the audience as my users.

And if they're my users, then this presentation is a user experience.

And if it's a user experience, then what am I?

Ah... now we're at the place where stage fright starts to dissolve.

Because if the presentation is a user experience, then I am just a UI.


And what's a key attribute of a good UI?

It disappears.

It does not draw attention to itself.

It enables the user experience, but is not itself the experience.

I think we have an excellent analogy here :yes:

With warm greetings

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