Quote of the Day, 7 Bahá 173 BE

Oct 2013
United States
"Alas! Alas! O Lovers of Worldly Desire!

Even as the swiftness of lightning ye have passed by the Beloved One, and have set your hearts on satanic fancies. Ye bow the knee before your vain imagining, and call it truth. Ye turn your eyes towards the thorn, and name it a flower. Not a pure breath have ye breathed, nor hath the breeze of detachment been wafted from the meadows of your hearts. Ye have cast to the winds the loving counsels of the Beloved and have effaced them utterly from the tablet of your hearts, and even as the beasts of the field, ye move and have your being within the pastures of desire and passion."

- Hidden Words of Baha'u'llah
Sep 2010
Normanton, Far North West Queensland
This quote is a great meditation for all of us to consider and to me it ties into another great meditation.

"The good deeds of the righteous are the sins of the Near Ones"!

One can be a Baha'i for many years and still not know they have yet to undertake The real battle of self.

Once started there is realization that materialism has permeated our lives in ways we have not considered. Crisis and Victory is the only way forward.

May we all partake of this battle and may we all have much Crisis, so the Victory is made manifest.

God bless all and regards Tony