Quote of the Day, 8 Bahá 173 BE

Oct 2013
United States
"Bahá'u'lláh has stated quite clearly in His Writings the essential requisites for our spiritual growth, and these are stressed again and again by 'Abdu'l-Bahá in His talks and Tablets. One can summarize them briefly in this way:

1) The recital each day of one of the Obligatory Prayers with pure-hearted devotion.
2) The regular reading of the Sacred Scriptures, specifically at least each morning and evening, with reverence, attention and thought.
3) Prayerful meditation on the teachings, so that we may understand them more deeply, fulfil them more faithfully, and convey them more accurately to others.
4) Striving every day to bring our behaviour more into accordance with the high standards that are set forth in the Teachings.
5) Teaching the Cause of God.
6) Selfless service in the work of the Cause and in the carrying on of our trade or profession."

- Letter by/on behalf of the Universal House of Justice to the Baha'is of Europe, circa 1984
Sep 2010
Normanton, Far North West Queensland
And so entirely impossible to carry out in practice....

Little by little day by day Gnat

Also there will be Ebb and Flow in the Process, Crisis and Victory will be our companion in the process as well.

Yabaha'ul'abha :cool:

Regards Tony