Seven Valleys

Aug 2017

Walrus sent me a link to the seven and four valleys texts. They are incredible.

In the first valley of search, the steed is patience. What does this mean? Based on context, is this a kind of perseverance or vigilance? Or is it more a need for passive waiting?

Oct 2013
Glenwood, Queensland, Australia
(Grinning very broadly)

Ever hear the cliche "A bull at a gate"?

To complete the quote:

...; without patience the wayfarer on this journey will reach nowhere and attain no goal.
And a hint why shortly after:

...;if he strive for a hundred thousand years and yet fail to behold the beauty of the Friend, ...
Passive waiting? One's personal understanding is that there is nothing passive about advancement upon the Path. It is an active process, and in the same way as the fruit does not appear on the plant till after a certain time, so too must one be patient in their progress, firm in their dedication, resolved in their determination, confident in their studies, discriminating in their pursuance and active of mind.

It is incumbent on these servants that they cleanse the heart--which is the wellspring of divine treasures--from every marking, and that they turn away from imitation, which is following the traces of their forefathers and sires, and shut the door of friendliness and enmity upon all the people of the earth.
Now turn the page, and read from:

One must judge of search by the standard of the Manjun of Love. ...
With warmest greetings

Nov 2013
Costa Rica
It means that you know that you are at the beginning, but that in a sense you are at the end also. You won't be able to really find anything unless you realize this, and are certain of what it entails from the beginning, which is the valley of search.