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May 2013
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TABLET OF ALL FOOD, As explained by Jean-Marc Lepain

By following the link below, some of the best commentary written will be available to you through the phenomenal efforts of Jean-Marc Lepain. I would give it Nine Stars *** *** ***

The Tablet of All Food: The Hierarchy of the Spiritual Worlds and the Metaphoric Nature of Physical Reality

Jean-Marc Lepain translated by Peter Terry

Concerning “The Tablet of All Food”.

"Every word hath one and seventy meanings."

So this prompts me to think about the progression of the various forms of the universe, from the mineral kingdom (and before that, the atomic), through the plant and animal kingdoms, to human and spiritual kingdoms - all of which ascend towards God in accordance with His will.

Millions of years ago our ancestors, in fish-like form, crawled out of the sea, in search of "food", no doubt. Physical food is what drives the creatures to survive. However, once the brain of humans grew to the level of capacity to comprehend symbols, the "Word of God" became spiritual "food" to him/her.

Hence, even as it is the job of the atom to attract more electrons, protons, neutrons as "food", and the mineral to attract more molecules, the plants more minerals and photons to synthesize material energy, and similarly the animals to grow and move about, we ourselves are attracted to the Kingdom of God by the reward of spiritual "food".

As we digest the Ten Commandments brought to us by His Servant, Moses, we grow in capacity until God gives us more spiritual food through His Servant Jesus, then Muhammad. All that God has given us are two servings thus far, out of 27 in the kitchen of His knowledge. Then the Bab and Baha'u'llah open up cupboards to everything in the Thanksgiving dinner for the gathering of all mankind to His Feast.

Now every 19 days we attend Feast, and yes, elemental food is given to us in the sharing of everything from rice and tadiq, to cookies and baklava, but the highest "food" shared comes from the Most Great Pen in the form of the Verses of God. Where once we partook of two letters, from Adam through Muhammad, we have now been offered 27, through the Bab and Baha'u'llah.

"I have yet many things (more "food") to say ("serve") unto you, but ye cannot bear ("digest") them now. Howbeit, when He, the Spirit of Truth (the Master Chef) comes, He will give you "All Food" ..." . . Jesus

Ya Baha'ul'Abha!!!
God is Most Glorious!!!

. . . And now, my fellow hungry seekers, bring your appetite and spiritual utensils to the Table Baha'u'llah, the Lord of Hosts, has prepared for especially for you:

Bahá’u’lláh, “Tablet of ʿAll Food’” (Lawḥ-i-Kullu’ṭ-Ṭaʾām). Baghdad, late 1853 or early 1854 / 1270 AH. Translated by Stephen Lambden. published in Bahá'í Studies Bulletin, 3:1, pages 4-67 1984-06
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