The extraordinary way!

Mar 2011
I am in touch with this wonderful person and the email I received today was really inspiring to me. I thought it'd be nice to share it with everyone. I have quoted the whole email.

"This is part two I suppose concerning the previous topic we were discussing.

First and foremost is the need to cleanse our heart. Without it nothing will happen. No connection with our creator is possible as it is said in the writings by Baha'u'llah that the heart is the seat of God. This is entirely between the created and the creator. No mans perception of us is of importance. To the eyes of people one can be the worst human being ever but that does not matter. Humans are blind by nature. The veils are too many to mention. No stain should be left on the heart in order to hold communion with Him. Thus, if it is your will, step out of the realm of humanity and ordinary to see the possibilities. Hold no grudge against anyone, even the ones who have truly brought suffering unto you.

At this stage there are two key components necessary for transformation. First, one needs to surrender all will of his own, and rely completely on God, the Almighty. I find it appropriate to emphasize this fact that one may be able to fool the entire humanity but not God! One needs to be true to his own self to be true to God.

The second step, is to truly believe! To truly believe one needs to see impossible as possible. The wisdom in this step is to testify to God's might and dominion. At this stage the barriers are broken and the veils torn asunder. The impossible truly becomes possible. The ordinary becomes extraordinary. The inner eye truly wakes from its dream and the revelations of the One become perceptible. Man becomes one with God and return to his true nature. One will see the cycles that testify to His greatness and feel the revolving motion of His grace that has been from the beginning of time which has no beginning to the end of time that has no end!

Porte toi bien"
Sep 2010
Thank you!

I absolutely feel and think the same things. Our lives are like music that we are writing, adding themes, finding themes, new additions, new orchestration, and it will never end. Just for goodness sake "join the band" so to speak.
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